Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Grand Palace in Bangkok

My husband and I flew to Bangkok to celebrate our first year anniversary in 2010. I can't believe that on April 12 this year, we will be celebrating our 5-year anniversary. Time does fly when you don't fight. Hehehe. My husband and I rarely argue, and it's been like this since the beginning. We enjoy each other's company and we share the same passion for travel. As I write this, my mind is actually somewhere else, planning our next trip; how we can save hundreds of dollars on airfare, accommodation and food. 

When I woke up this morning, I saw that Cebu Pacific is having their Piso Fare. Sydney, unfortunately, was not included in the promo, but when I checked the fare for November (around my birthday), it was so cheap. PHP 16,000+ for two (inclusive of taxes, baggage fees, and even food). That's only around USD 375! 

Of course, being the responsible, frugal traveler I am, I immediately went on to AirBnB to check the rates for November. I could actually book a nice room for two for less than PHP 2,000 (USD 45) a night. 

I must admit that traveling is my addiction, and I would gladly take a job that requires me to travel and write (as long as I can take my husband with me, for we are inseparable.) Anyway, if you plan on getting away (whether it be for a weekend or a couple of weeks) from June to December this year, why don't you try your luck on cebupacific.com. Promo period is from Jan. 27 to Jan. 28. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Beach in Skagen

I took this picture in Skagen in May 2012. I love how this picture looks like a painting. I would definitely love to go back to Denmark to take more beautiful photos like this. Click here for more information about this beautiful part of the Jutland peninsula.